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Keynote Conversation: Transparent leadership in challenging times: leading tech and security organisations through global change

Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, Former Director General - MI5

"This is really important in intelligence, when you don’t have the whole picture, you never have the whole picture, you have a quarter of the jigsaw if you’re lucky and you have to keep saying is there a completely different interpretation to this."

Being there: Laying the foundation of the Internet: from inventing the spanning-tree protocol (STP) to fostering innovation in engineering groups

Radia Perlman, Fellow at Dell Technologies, Inventor of the spanning tree algorithm - National Academy of Engineering, the Inventor Hall of Fame, The Internet Hall of Fame

"Once you get rid of all the irrelevant details to get to the conceptual heart of the problem, then you can come up with a simple solution, write it up, you know, help people implement it and stuff."

Fireside Chat: The power of digital transformation – embedding digital into organisational DNA, fostering a culture of innovation in government

Dr Laura Gilbert, Chief Analyst and Director of Data Science - Downing Street
Mike Hill, Chief Digital and Information Officer - Cabinet Office

"So we spend about 80% of our time, you know, focusing on this, how to make decisions better, and at the same time trying to kind of trigger change, you know, from the top down almost. The other thing we do the other 20% of the time is focused on specific things where we believe we can change the system, more from the bottom up."

In conversation: how businesses can leverage technology to deliver purpose, connection and engagement

Prasanna Gopalakrishnan, Group CTO - Sky
Anna Jones, Main Anchor - Sky News Breakfast

"Some of the digital journeys we have taken on, we actually think a lot about a concept called ease care value within our framework, and we think a lot about how you create our experiences, digitally with our customers and through our sky app."

Leveraging innovation and co-creation to address the complex challenges of twenty-first century business and society

Nicola Hodson, CEO - IBM UK & Ireland

"I mentioned everyone's transforming how their businesses work, and also turning sustainability from an ambition into action by building a roadmap that enables their businesses to be more productive, more profitable, and more responsible."

PANEL: Crisis, what crisis? Energy security and disaster recovery - how CIOs and CTOs might respond to the challenges of rising energy costs and changing energy supply

Brigitte Amoruso, Senior Climate Change, Energy & Environment policy specialist - MakeUK
Dena Barasi, Senior Regulatory Economics Manager - Scottish Power
Robert Buckley, Head of Relationship Development - Cornwall Insights

"Solar PV on roofs, solar PV with storage, the more flexible your load is, the more able you will be to either engage in the markets that the grid are offering or just to manage your exposure to prices and make certain deals potentially with your supplier widget."

Mission critical 2023 – harnessing technology to bring sustainable human presence to Mars

Dr Christyl Johnson, Deputy Center Director for R&T - NASA

"It's only when you get someone who's outside the box to look at your problem and say, why are you doing it that way? Why don't you try this? You're like, wow, I never even thought of that and we're finding that at NASA."

Fireside Chat - Embedding sustainable futures: delivering green technology across government – DEFRA’s net-zero IT and digital services journey, assuring sustainable supply chain targets and achieving environmental outcomes

Tamara Finkelstein, Permanent Secretary - Defra
Malcolm McKee, CTO - Defra

"So, across government, we still use 50% of our energy to power our legacy data centers and our legacy networks, across government that's 50% of our energy we use on those things and so there's a real opportunity there for us in moving to strategic data centers into the cloud and to drive down that energy usage."


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