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The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime, and Dreams Deferred

Dr Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Theoretical cosmologist and particle physicist, Assistant Professor of Physics - Core Faculty Member in Women's and Gender Studies, University of New Hampshire

"So a lot of the work that we're doing these days in astrophysics and in particle physics, is trying to understand what we can't see using what we can see."

The future of AI in science and health: data diversity, regulatory science, and digital public goods

Tariq Khokar, Head of Data for Science and Health - Wellcome Trust

"In science and health, we have to make sure we have diversity of both data and talent for AI to succeed in science and health. And we really have to be asking the question, Is this helping people's lives? Is this actually working? Is this actually useful? And if we can put all those things together, I think the future for AI and science and health is really bright."

Building quantum computers for disruptive industry applications

Professor Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies (Physics and Astronomy) - University of Sussex

"Now what we do in quantum technologies, we chain these very strange phenomena in order to build entirely new technologies. So, quantum computing is one of these quantum technologies which truly form an entirely new type of technology."

Data is oxygen; the pathway to fuelling your sustainability goals – transforming enterprises for the greater good

Jane Muir-Sands, VP, Global Real Estate and Operations - IBM

"The environmental footprint that we have is one that we need to be able to take control off and drive to the better good of people in the planet overall."

PANEL: Leveraging science, education and AI to ensure a next generation of engaged, high-flying technologists

Professor Jim AI-Khalili, Distinguished Chair, Professor of Physics, Professor of Public Engagement in Science, Centre Director - University of Surrey
Jennifer Opal, DevOps Engineer, Dropbox Sign - Neurodiversity & Inclusion Advocate
Hannah Russell, CEO - British Science Association

"The algorithms that are being developed are happening, they're coming at us so fast, we just have to be ready for them, not just as a society. But in terms of preparing the next generation."

Hear from a current and former student from Ada.National College for Digital Skills, as they explore the world of work

Katrina Paras, Sixth Form Student - Ada. National College for Digital Skills
Ola Simisaiye, Junior Paid Social Associate - Merkle

"That's why I found the technology industry to be, as you all know, always evolving and always changing, you know, 10 years down the line, I could most likely be doing a role that no one in this room has ever heard of, which I find pretty cool."

Disrupting the banking industry – are we on the right track?

Paul Clark, JPMorgan Chase - CIO & CDO

"The kind of innovative use of technology, the ability to spin up complex computer systems, deliver them seamlessly and effortlessly to customers' pockets via their digital apps, allows for better outcomes in the market for customers."


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