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Session Delivered by DevOps Institute: DevOps and VSM Workshop

08 Mar 2023
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Session Delivered by DevOps Institute: DevOps and VSM Workshop

Value Stream Mapping has been an effective exercise for a while now in DevOps, and the ability to run a workshop is available from most providers now. At GitLab, they're called Value Stream Assessments and many have been run. But what actually makes for a good Value Stream Assessment? What are the tips and tricks for running a great workshop? What are the good things? What should you expect to achieve? 


At the DevOps Institute session, we will discuss this in a roundtable setting, so if you have experiences that you would like to share, or tips you would like to learn, please come along and join in.


Craig Pearson, DevOps Institute Ambassador - Director, Creative Agile Partners
Cheryl Razzell, Head of Compute Solution Architecture - AWS
Ryan Sheldrake, DevOps Institute Ambassador - CTO, Lacework
Sephen Walters, Field CTO for Gitlab - DevOps Institute Ambassador & Value Stream Management Consortium Influencer
Joanne Quarterman, Global Sales Director - DevOps Institute


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