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Delphine Helin

Delphine Helin

International Retail Services & Beauty Tech Director, YSL Beauty
Delphine Helin is the International Retail Services & Beauty Tech Director for YSL BEAUTY. Delphine has a 25-year experience in luxury beauty business. She is a seasoned marketer with cross category expertise in international and operational marketing. Before joining YSL Beauty, she held various positions such as Business Development Director for Ralph Lauren fragrances, Lancôme Retail Education Director and Lancôme Brand Director for Latin America. She has developed an ability to work in multicultural and highly volatile environments with a constant drive to understand the consumer tensions and elevate their experience. Delphine has become a specialist of omnichannel retail. She is a growing voice within Women in tech, with speeches at Vivatech and Tech for Retail. Her innovative and transformative spirit is a driving force for her to continue crafting disruptive and purposeful beauty tech services, augmenting Beauty Advisors expertise and offering consumers unique and personalized beauty experiences.


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