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Ellie Middleton

Ellie Middleton

Author, Founder, Unmasked
Ellie Middleton is an autistic and ADHD creator, speaker, writer, consultant and founder of the (un)masked community for neurodivergents. After a lifetime of feeling misunderstood, she was diagnosed with both Autism Spectrum Condition and ADHD at the age of 24. Since then, Ellie has gone on to build an audience of over 300,000 people online, create the (un)masked community for neurodivergents, and work with global brands like The Independent, Google & LinkedIn to change the narrative on neurodiversity. Ellie Middleton aims to shout about the positives that come with being neurodivergent, highlight the ways that society can better accommodate those of us with different brains, and help other undiagnosed neurodivergent people find the answers that they deserve. Ellie Middleton is living proof that getting a diagnosis can change your life, change your outlook and allow you to reach your true potential – and thinks that is something that every neurodivergent person deserves.


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