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Glen Hymers

Glen Hymers

Head of Data Privacy and Compliance, Data Privacy and Compliance Team, CDIO Directorate, Cabinet Office
Glen has spent his working life in Policing and Security, falling into Policing of a fashion joining the RAF Police in 1998 after discovering University was expensive and as such he was running out of funds. He was employed in all aspects of policing, finally settling into the CounterIntelligence role, carrying out Counter Espionage and Counter Terrorism duties at home and abroad. Parting ways with the RAF in 2012 he began his journey into the “real world”, stopping at Fujitsu Defence and National Security (Head of Operational Security & Risk Management), Sopra Steria (Head of Operational Security for Government accounts), The Prince’s Trust (CSO and DPO), Save The Children International (Global CISO and Head of Data Protection), and latterly The Cabinet Office where is Head of Data Privacy & Compliance and Information Assurance.


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