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Jason Coyne

Jason Coyne

Technical Expert witness Bates -v- Post Office
Jason Coyne was instructed from 2016 to 2019 in Bates -v- Post Office and gave Expert Evidence, enduring 4 days of cross-examination in the high court, during which he authored two Independent Expert reports and six joint reports in that matter. Jason Coyne is an expert information technology (IT) and digital forensics consultant with 35 years’ experience. He specialises in the collection and analysis of digital evidence in disputes regarding computer misuse, corporate malfeasance, intellectual property disputes and root cause of failure analysis. Jason has testified in the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) as well as various High Courts, Criminal Courts and international arbitrations in South Africa, Brusells, India & Singapore. It is said that Jason has the rare ability to simply explain complex technical systems. Jason has prepared several Expert Witness reports considering the actions of individuals within Financial institutions, Law firms, Social media companies and Governmental organisations.


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