Big Data & AI World World Day 1 Highlights

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The UK Government’s AI priorities for 2024

Imran Shafi, Director, AI Policy - Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

This talk emphasises the impact of AI on humanity, discussing key themes like data quality and future updates. It highlights the UK government's AI priorities, including creating a conducive environment for AI businesses, promoting adoption, and ensuring safety. The discussion also explores the need for a new regulatory framework, comparing EU and American approaches, and the challenges faced by startups.

Unlock your creativity (and data) with Generative AI

John Abel, Technical Director, Office of the CTO - Google Cloud UKI

The session explores the application of generative AI in driving business outcomes. It presents four use cases: digital experience, healthcare, insights, and assistant and toil. The speaker emphasises the importance of investing in training, experimenting, forming ecosystem partnerships, and working with regulators. The significance of a learning mindset and continuous learning is also highlighted.

Data liquidity: Driving Insight using ML and GenAI

Dominic Stewart, Senior Director Cloud Engineering - Oracle UK

Dominic Stewart discusses the company's mission to unlock endless possibilities through data insights, emphasising the importance of data liquidity. He highlights the role of data insights in decision-making, using Oracle's sponsorship of Red Bull as an example. Stewart presents three paths to data liquidity and discusses the use of machine learning and generative AI, particularly retrieval augmented generation and embedding models for cross-functional analysis.

Rise of the Humans: An Alternative Narrative of AI adoption

Andrew McClelland, Consultant & Co-Founder - MC Strategy
Lee Fulmer, Chair, Transforming Data Collection Board - Bank of England

The session starts with housekeeping announcements and Lee's introduction, an expert in AI. It delves into the accessibility and hype cycle of AI, emphasising the rise in compute power. The need for upskilling and adapting to evolving job roles is stressed, along with government-led training initiatives. The talk also addresses data privacy concerns and risks of AI tools, while highlighting their benefits in data analysis.

Bentley Motors & Data Literacy Academy: How to Build a Business-Wide Data Literacy Programme

Greg Freeman, CEO & Founder - Data Literacy Academy
Dr. Andy Morris, Chief Data Officer - Bentley Motors

The session delves into Bentley Motors' data strategy, emphasising its four pillars: data governance, data cloud, data dojo, and enablement. It underscores the importance of the data literacy program and its multi-step approach. The need for effective change management, stakeholder engagement, and measuring success is also discussed. 

Unlocking Creativity with Generative AI and watsonx

Sebastian Weir, UKI Intelligence & Insights Practice Leader - IBM

Sebastian Weir of IBM delves into the potential of generative AI in enterprise. He traces its origins, its growing adoption, and the expectations surrounding it. Weir underscores the necessity of an AI-first approach in business processes and the factors to consider when scaling AI adoption. He further discusses the application of large language models, multimodal AI, and retrieval augmented generation, and the significance of data strategy and governance.

Leading the responsible use of AI at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

David Larrimore, Chief Technology Officer - Homeland Security

David from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) explores the role of AI in enhancing government efficiency. He delves into the use of AI in DHS, from procurement to deployment, and its application in facial recognition and text analytics. He underscores the importance of responsible AI use, collaboration with civil rights and privacy offices, and the need for human involvement in decision-making. He also anticipates a rise in micro decision-making AI capabilities.

Navigating AI Regulation: Current Landscape and Future Challenges

Dr. Bertie Müller, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science - Swansea University
Sholtana Begum, Head of Data and Strategy - Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK
Nicola Lishak, Director of Privacy and DPO - Royal Mail
Ulf Herbig, Director Data & Innovation - Knelp

A panel of experts delve into AI regulation, discussing existing laws like the EU AI Act and emphasising the importance of data governance, transparency, and trust. They highlight the need to balance innovation with regulation, promote fair competition, and protect consumers. The challenges of evaluating AI and addressing bias are also explored, along with the need for sector-specific standards. 

Dare to Disrupt: Unlocking Customer Value Through Off-the-Charts Experimentation

Doychin Sakutov, Director of Experimentation - Virgin Media o2

The session starts with an introduction to the telco industry and its role in fostering innovation. The power of patterns in website design is explored, emphasising the importance of experimentation in the telco sector. The need for high experimentation velocity and personalisation integration is stressed. 


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