Cloud Expo Europe Day 1 Highlights

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Master Digital Transformation and Future Proof your Organisation

Georgina Owens, CTO - William Hill

The talk emphasises the importance of digital transformation, future-proofing, and aligning technology with business goals. Advice is given on managing ambitious projects, designing adaptable systems, and fostering a learning culture.

Beyond 'Bill Shock': How Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust achieved budget goals with Wasabi Cloud Storage

Kevin Dunn, Country Manager, UK/I & Nordics - Wasabi Technologies
Yusug Mangera, Technical Architect - Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust successfully met its budget goals using Wasabi Cloud storage. Faced with increasing storage needs and the sustainability of on-premise storage, the trust chose Wasabi for its fixed cost model, no egress costs, and dedicated circuit. The result was cost savings, reduced on-premise resource management, and improved service delivery. The trust recommends evaluating storage needs and considering Wasabi's benefits.

Conquering Cloud Network Challenges: Practical Insights and Tips from Real-World Deployment

Andy Linham, Principal Strategy Manager - Vodafone Business
Ramesh Prabagaran, CEO - Prosimo

The presentation delves into the complexities of multicloud networking, discussing its challenges and the solutions offered by Zero Trust architecture. It highlights the importance of organisational buy-in for implementing Zero Trust and the benefits of multicloud networking, such as simplified management and competitive licensing. The discussion concludes with an overview of the various players in the multicloud networking space, emphasising the need for careful evaluation and consideration.

AI in Cybersecurity: Fact, Fiction, and Friction

Etay Maor, Senior Director Security Strategy - Cato Networks

This session explores AI from both the defender's and cyber criminals' viewpoints, debunking the overhyped media portrayal of AI. The focus shifts to different AI modules, particularly generative AI and LLMs, with examples of their applications. The risks and vulnerabilities of implementing AI solutions, such as visual manipulation and potential attacks, are also discussed.

Mastering the Cloud: Unveiling the Principle Practices and Overcoming Challenges in Migration and Modernisation

Ray Sirpian, Group Enterprise Architect - TUI

This session will delve into the realm of cloud mastery, focusing on the principles, practices, and challenges encountered in migration and modernisation. Drawing from real-world experiences, strategies will be unveiled for successfully navigating the complexities of cloud adoption, particularly during times of organisational change.

Soaring Skills in the Cloud Generation

Ben Pearce, Founder - Elevated You
Anushka Sinha, Senior Associate - Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law
James Complin, Director of Azure Engineering - London Stock Exchange Group
Aidan Caffrey, Head of Cloud Architecture, Engineering & Development - PwC
Renato Cason, Former CTO - Lampoo

The panel discussion delves into the crucial skills needed in the cloud generation, including data engineering, machine learning, and app development. It underscores the importance of AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity in startups, and the skill shortage in the UK tech industry. The panel also debates the value of certifications versus real-world experience, and the need for emotional intelligence and resilience in cloud teams.

Unleashing the Power of AI and Smart Cloud Storage: Transforming Industries and Revolutionizing Sports Media & Entertainment

Jonathan Howes, Vice President and General Manager of EMEA - Wasabi Technologies
Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, CloudOps - IDC Europe
Michael Welts, CMO - Wasabi Technologies
Matthew Quinn, VP of Media - Liverpool Football Club

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart cloud storage has become a cornerstone for innovation across various industries. This session will delve into the pivotal role that the cloud plays in advancing AI capabilities and its transformative impact on diverse sectors.

Distributed Cloud Delivers More Choices to Customers

Dr. Mark D. Jackson, Chief Technology Architect - Oracle Technology & Cloud Engineering

Mark Jackson introduces Oracle Cloud, discussing its evolution and unique offerings. He emphasises the importance of meeting enterprise needs and explores global infrastructure and various cloud environments. The talk covers Cloud Customer and Edge offerings, dedicated and isolated regions, and ends with insights on customer control and collaboration in the distributed cloud space. Action items involve exploring partnerships, clarifying deployment restrictions, and investigating deployment in China.

How should we regulate for openness in the Cloud?

Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur and BBC Business Presenter
Nicky Stewart, Former Head of ICT Strategy Delivery at the Cabinet Office and former UKCloud Commercial Director
Matthew Sinclair, Senior Director - CCIA UK
Professor Oles Andriuchuk - Newcastle Law School

Sonya leads a session on regulating openness in the cloud, sharing key statistics about cloud spending, encryption, and business adoption. The panelists highlight the cloud's role in innovation and growth, the need for market competition, and the importance of regulation for fairness. They discuss the EU data act and the significance of smaller cloud providers, emphasising the cloud's potential to empower the digital and creative economy.

Keep Control of Your Cloud Journey & Retain the power of choice

Chris Marks, Principal Outbound Product Manager - Alludo

The session focuses on mastering the cloud journey, emphasising the power of choice and the necessity of a backup plan. It explores various cloud options like on-prem, fully cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid models, discussing their benefits and challenges. Misconceptions about hybrid cloud are addressed, and the importance of integrating cloud into existing IT strategies is stressed. The session also introduces Parallels RAs as a flexible solution and discusses the sustainability challenges in AI and cloud.


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