Data Centre World Day 1 Highlights

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Navigating Uncertainty – How do we Deliver the Data Centre Capacity needed in this Uncertain World?

Dame Dawn Childs, Chief Executive Officer - Pure Data Centres Group

The focus is on the challenge of meeting the rising demand for data center capacity due to AI, gaming, and digitisation. The complexity of the issue explores a collaborative approach involving all stakeholders.  Actions include promoting positive narratives, sharing sustainability efforts, and considering self-regulation.

Data Centre Electrification – New Strategies to stay Future-proof

Danel Turk, Solutions Portfolio Manager - ABB Data Centres

The session covers strategies for future-proofing data center architectures, emphasising the benefits of digital switchgear and modularity. Sustainability and reducing the CO2 footprint are key themes, with the use of smart technologies and energy consumption measurement. Remote assistance is also highlighted as a valuable tool.

DCA Insight Panel: Fake News? Does the Industry Get the Headlines it Deserves?

Ambrose McNevin, MD - Tech Marketing Content Ltd
Stuart Crowley, Editor -
Steve Hone, CEO - The DCA - The Data Centre Trade Association
Susan Anderton, Managing Director of The Brand Marquee & Global Head of Marketing for RiT Tech

The session delves into the development of the data centre industry, emphasising the importance of nurturing emerging talent and promoting sustainability. Key topics include the role of media, the need for positive public perception, and the significance of community engagement. The panel also explores strategies to change the perception of data centres, improve communication, and challenge negative narratives. 

Overcoming Data Centre Energy Challenges

Hassina Saad, Global Industry Segment Leader - GE Vernova
Claudia Blanco, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer - GE Vernova
Mandar Pandit, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer - GE Vernova
Vishal Gulati, CFO, Financial Services - GE Vernova

The panel discussion delves into the energy consumption issues in data centers, emphasising the increasing demand for power and the need for better planning. The conversation underscores the importance of sustainability, decarbonisation, and circular economy solutions. It also highlights the crucial role of financing and partnerships in tackling these challenges. The action plan includes exploring hybrid solutions, investigating alternative fuels, and studying microgrids and biomass.

Closing the Talent Gap: Addressing the Skill Shortage in the Data Centre Industry

Riccardo Degli Effetti, VP EMEA Operational Rediness & Site Delivery - Virtus
Stephen Bowes-Phipps, Vice President EMEA Data Centres and Cloud State Street Bank and Trust - Advisor to the Board at the Data Centre Alliance
Courtney Popp, Director of Education Programs - Infrastructure Masons
Denise Gurbuz - Women in Tech Forum
Candice Henderson, Director of Health, Safety and Security - Red Engineering

The panelists discuss the labor and skilled trade shortage in the data centre industry, emphasising the need for a structured curriculum for emerging talent. They share success stories of talent recruitment and STEM ambassador programs, and discuss strategies for retaining staff. The importance of differentiating the data centre industry and attracting diverse talent is highlighted. The panel also discusses the need for industry-wide collaboration and the importance of upskilling middle management.

Enhancing Data Center Uptime through Innovative Transformer Design

Greg Collison, European HyperScale Account Manager, UK & I Data Center Lead - Hitachi Energy
Jamie Cameron, Associate Director - Cundall
Jose Maria Fernandez, Business Development Manager for Dry Transformers in Data Center, Wind and Power Generation Segments - Hitachi Energy
Miguel Osuna Perez, Global Transformers Industry Network Leader for Data Centres - Hitachi Energy

At Data Centre World London, a focus was placed on achieving uptime through transformer design. The challenges of transient voltages in medium voltage distribution systems were discussed, as well as the investigation into transformer failure modes. The session introduced Hitachi Energy's TVP solution, a method to protect transformers against voltage transients. The importance of industry standards, supply chain challenges, and the need for collaboration were also highlighted.

Deploying Sustainable and Large-Scale Computational Infrastructure Tuned for HPC and AI

Rolf Brink, CEO - Promersion
Cliff Grossner, Ph.D, Chief Innovation Officer - Open Compute Project Foundation

The focus is on deploying sustainable, large-scale computational infrastructure for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a particular emphasis on cooling and heat management challenges. The Open Compute Project (OCP), a non-profit organisation, is introduced as a key player in hardware industry research and information dissemination. The need to upgrade traditional HPC infrastructure to meet AI demands is stressed, along with the importance of liquid cooling technologies in IT systems.

The Thermal Tsunami: Riding the Wave of Liquid Cooling for Future Compute

Simon Brady, Offering Manager, Liquid & High Density and Liquid Cooling EMEA & APAC - Vertiv Infrastructure Ltd.

The session kicks off with an introduction to Simon Brady, a product manager at Vertiv, who discusses the influence of AI and machine learning on the tech industry. He delves into the challenges of supporting both legacy and emerging CPU and GPU loads, the need for liquid cooling, and the impact of high-density loads on power infrastructure. The session also explores the journey towards densification, design choices for cooling technologies, and the lack of standardisation in fluid choices for liquid cooling systems.

Empowering the Digital Future: Social Impact, Accessibility and Future Implications of the Data Centre Industry

Luisa Cardani, Head of Data Centres Programme - TechUK
Mark Gusakov, Advisory Board Member/Chairman Governance Committee - Nomad Futurist
Emma Fryer, Director, Public Policy - CYRUSONE
Nabeel Mahmood, Co-Founder & Managing Director - Nomad Futurist
Jonathan Burnett, Technical Director of Hardware Engineering - Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC)
Vanessa Moffat, Channel Partner Manager, EMEA - Ekkosense & Advisory Board - The Data Centre Trade Association

The panel discussion delves into the data centre industry, highlighting its challenges and opportunities. It emphasises the need for public education about data centres, talent engagement, and industry unification. The panelists propose action items such as opening data centres to the public, developing educational programs, and promoting collaboration. They also discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and better communication about energy use.


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