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Leveraging the opportunity of the next AI revolution to ensure inclusivity for women. How high-growth companies can transform the UK economy

Anne Boden MBE, Founder - Starling Bank

Anne Boden, founder of Starling Bank, discusses the AI revolution, inclusivity, and the potential for high-growth companies. She addresses challenges faced by female founders, funding disparities, and government initiatives. The talk also covers entrepreneurial ambition, the UK's industry position, and the importance of maintaining control over ideas. The role of female angel investors and the stigma associated with female-only investment are also highlighted.

Fireside Chat: Government as product - is government ready for the next generation of digital services?

Tom Read, CEO - Governement Digital Services
Gina Gill, CDIO - Ministry of Justice

Tom Reed and Gina Gill discuss government readiness for digital services, focusing on user-centered approaches and reducing friction in interactions. They explore challenges for vulnerable individuals and highlight digital innovations in prisons, addressing progress in government digitisation, service integration, and user experience. They also touch on the UK government's handling of the NHS and its emphasis on machine learning platforms.

Turning potential failures into successes – the power of perseverance in business and leadership

Dame Stephanie Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, shares her life experiences and insights. She talks about her interactions with venture capitalists, the value of age and experience, entrepreneurship, gender equality, and transforming failure into success. She also discusses her early career, the establishment of a high-tech company, her philanthropic work in autism, and the influence of the internet and AI.

The augmented human workforce – 2024 and beyond

Piers Linney, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder - Implement AI

The talk delves into the Augmented Human Workforce, focusing on the influence of AI on individuals, organisations, and nations. It explores the challenges and opportunities AI presents, the disruption of cognitive labor, and the importance of human-machine partnerships. The speaker also discusses marketing AI in a world filled with fear, emphasising the benefits of gradual AI implementation.

Innovate to Empower: Beauty Tech & Social Impact

Juleah Love, Global Head of Brand Corporate Engagement - YSL Beauty
Deplhine Helin, International Retail Services & Beauty Tech Director - YSL Beauty

Delphine and Juleah from YSL Beauty delve into the intersection of beauty, technology, and social purpose. YSL Beauty, known for its innovative history, is committed to providing bespoke beauty experiences. They introduce AI-powered skincare diagnosis, a polysensorial fragrance finder, and a smart lipstick creator. Beyond products, YSL Beauty is also committed to social change, with a global program against intimate partner violence.”

CTO Panel: Change at the speed of Gen-AI, attracting and retaining adaptive technology teams

Christina Scott, Former CTO - OVO, NewsUK, FT
Andy Caddy, Group Chief Information Officer - PureGym
Catriona Campbell MBE, CTIO - EY
John Kundert, Chief Product & Technology Officer - Financial Times

A discussion delves into building adaptive technology teams, exploring rapid tech changes and their impact on customer behavior. It highlights generative AI's potential for content creation, stressing problem-solving and empathy in the workforce. The role of tech in the workplace, career advice, and AI's future in call centers are also covered.

Fireside Chat: The Post Office scandal and what tech specialists can learn from it

Nick Wallis, Author, The Great Post Office Scandal
Jason Coyne, Technical Expert witness Bates -v- Post Office

The speaker, a journalist turned expert witness, discusses their journey from local radio to the post office scandal involving the Horizon IT system. Emphasising the need for a culture of challenge, understanding supply chain risks, and the impact of system failures, it highlights the importance of addressing wider implications and account discrepancies.


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