DevOps Live Day 1 Highlights

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Cracking the Code: Navigating the Tough Terrain of Enterprise DevOps Transformation

Dinkar Gupta, Chief Information & Security Officer - KPMG Switzerland

The talk explores the challenges of corporate life and the necessity of overcoming them for DevOps success. It introduces KPMG's technology focus and discusses the 'middle class crisis' of enterprises. The four key ingredients for successful change are conviction, organisation, delivery practices, and engineering. The talk emphasises identity-driven change, strategic business agility, and the importance of supporting people and using language to drive cultural change.

DevSecOps in Action: Achieving Continuous Compliance with GitLab

Dominique Top, Solutions Architect - GitLab

The speaker introduces the importance of cybersecurity and the rising global cost of cyber crimes. They delve into the concepts of DevOps and DevSecOps, discussing their significance in organisations. The role of scanners in identifying software vulnerabilities is explored, along with GitLab's comprehensive DevSecOps platform. The benefits of shifting security left and GitLab's centralised compliance management are highlighted. The talk concludes with an explanation of a software bill of materials and how GitLab facilitates shared responsibility and actionable insights.

Transformative DevOps: Harnessing AI with Azure Machine Learning.

Giada Binelli, Global Product Owner - Heineken
Jakub Jakubowski, Chapter Lead & Engineer in Power Platform Team - Heineken
Konrad Baran, DevOps Engineer - Heineken

The panelists introduce themselves and discuss the difficulties encountered due to panel changes. They delve into managing a low-code platform globally, the role of federated teams in managing OutSystems applications, and deployment challenges. They also explore AI capabilities in pipelines, governance rules, and how to manage technical debt using AI Mentor Studio. The discussion includes features in the developer portal like Greg Bot and co-pilot, knowledge mining, translation efforts, and the role of AI in business making. The importance of AI and governance in maximising its potential is emphasised.

Evolving Developer Experience at

Leo Kraan, Director of Developer Experience -

Leo Kraan discusses the importance of investing in developer experience. He delves into the history and evolution of's technology platform, including the introduction of new travel verticals. Leo highlights the use of various technologies at and talks about their connected trip strategy. He presents seven core principles for investing in developer experience, emphasising the importance of customer focus, shared developer workflow, unified tools, metrics, security, compliance, and leadership culture.

Improving the developer Experience with GitHub in the age of AI

Chris Reddington, Senior Manager, Developer Advocacy - GitHub

Chris Reddingtno introduces GitHub's new Copilot and its features, emphasising its role in improving developer productivity and reducing repetitive tasks. He also presents Copilot Enterprise, personalised responses, and integration with Additionally, he discusses GitHub Advanced Security, including code scanning, secret scanning, and supply chain security, highlighting new features like code scanning auto fix and custom patterns in secret scanning.

Mastering the Cloud Mix: Navigating Success in the Digital Era

Munesh Jadoun, CEO - Wire19

The session delves into the constraints of the cloud and the application of on-prem Cloud. It further discusses the blend of cloud mix and hybrid cloud, and the function of private AI in hybrid cloud. The advantages of a multi-cloud strategy, such as cost savings, agility, and enhanced performance, are emphasised. The talk also mentions service providers who offer enterprise as a service strategy, and network edge service and connectivity options for various clouds.

Securing the Journey: Trainline's Code to Cloud AppSec Evolution

Yossi Rifold, Head of Product Management - SAST & Engines Checkmarx
Michal Wiczynski, Snr Security - Trainline

Yossi Riffel discusses Trainline's proactive approach to application security. The company is committed to testing defense systems, identifying security gaps, and enhancing its security posture. Engineers are actively involved in finding solutions, with a focus on scalability and balancing security with rapid growth. Future plans include expanding security training, focusing on threat modeling, and a cautious approach to AI in security.

Assessing the impact of AI and Data Strategies on DevOps Leaders

David Crawford, Ex Group CTO, Naked Wines - London Tech Leaders
Romano Roth, Chief of DevOps (Zuhlke) - London Tech Leaders
Mandi Walls, DevOps Advocate (Pagerduty) - London Tech Leaders
Mete Baydar, VP Strategic Partners (App Circle) - London Tech Leaders
Sune Engsig, Field CTO - Leapwork

The panelists, all key players in the DevOps and AI industry, explore the effects of AI on various aspects of DevOps, emphasising the need for process reevaluation, AI utilisation for efficiency, and investment in innovative tools. DevOps is seen as a driver of innovation, turning technology into a revenue source through efficiency and the right investments.

Effective DevOps Metrics

Steve Fenton, Principal Technical Content Creator - Octopus Deploy

The talk emphasises effective DevOps metrics, introducing DORA metrics like throughput and stability and their significance across organisational levels. The speaker offers guidance on metric implementation, addressing cultural challenges, and suggests leveraging DORA's research and Google's white paper to persuade leadership. The key takeaway is focusing on real outcomes, gradually enhancing metrics, and considering developer satisfaction as crucial.

Cultivating a Learning Culture: Unlocking the Power of Continuous Development

Marcelo Sousa Ancelmo, Head of Solution Architecture - KPMG Switzerland

The focus is on fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Leadership support, communication, and feedback loops are crucial. KPMG's training programs, learning KPIs, mentorship, and dedicated learning time are underscored. The importance of participating in internal and external events, communities, and social networks is stressed. The three key learning outcomes are learning by doing, giving individuals choice, and acknowledging that learning is not optional.

Architecting the DevOps Future: Navigating Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices and Observability

Redha Cherif, Lead Analytics Engineer - BIOGARAN
Olakunle Abiola, Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Divido
Aaron Colwill, Interim Head of Platform Engineering - Mythical UK/Polystream - Mythical Games

This session will delve into the fundamental impact of containers on DevOps and gain insights into constructing an architecture that seamlessly enables modern development practices. The conversation will cover the benefits and challenges of deploying and managing microservices and discover strategies for success, the world of service meshes, workflow automation, and innovative approaches for creating scalable, easily observable systems that will shape the future of software development.


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