Big Data & AI World World Day 2 Highlights

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AI for Business: How to Implement AI

Elliott Gotkine, Journalist & Broadcaster
Piers Linney, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder - Implement AI

The seminar explores AI implementation, data value, and the human-AI interface. Both speakers discuss the impact of AI, job displacement, regulation, and inclusivity. The conversation also delves into mobile technology advancements, cloud-based infrastructure, automation, and SME cloud opportunities. Concerns about AI user intelligence and cyber threats are also addressed.

Leveraging LLM advantage in the Enterprise

Dominic Stewart, Senior Director Cloud Engineering - Oracle UK

Dominic Stewart from Oracle shares insights on utilising large language models within businesses. Oracle's goal is to transform data into actionable insights, enhancing business value. Despite the challenges of biases and 'eloquent nonsense' in large language models, Oracle offers solutions like retrieval augmented generation. They also recommend building a vector database for data security and relevance. 

Developing a Data Strategy within NHS

Matt Hennessey, Chief Intelligence and Analytics Officer - NHS Greater Manchester

Matt Hennessey, Chief Intelligence and Analytics Officer of NHS Greater Manchester, delves into the intriguing world of data strategy and intelligence. He underscores the significance of decision-making over data, and differentiates between data strategy and intelligence strategy. Topics like data governance, ethics, coding standards, and future workforce trends are also touched upon. The challenges of formulating a data strategy in a fast-paced data environment are recognised.

Generative AI - the Current State and the Road Ahead

Bipul Kumar, Head of Data and AL Practice - Google Cloud UK/I

The session delves into the trends, use cases, and challenges of generative AI, with a special focus on Google's strategy. Financial services organisations are showing significant interest in this technology, with most use cases deemed critical for business success. The discussion also highlights the increasing role of generative AI in natural language processing and emerging sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and media.

Data Integration for a Greener Climate: Frameworks for a Resilient Global Ecosystem

Samwel Magesa, Chief Data Officer - NBC Bank

The talk delves into AI implementation's link to humanity, featuring Samwel, a software engineer discussing data integration for environmental sustainability. Personal experiences with climate change underscore the importance of simplicity and integration, highlighting the creation of an open platform for farmers and language translation. It emphasises engagement and collaboration beyond the tech sphere.

Breaking Boundaries: Empowering Diversity in Tech - Overcoming Barriers for Marginalised Voices

Peter Mousaferiadis, CEO & Founder - Cultural Infusion
Roberta Cianetti, Senior Digital Executive & International Keynote Speaker - MBA
Samwel Magesa, Chief Data Officer - NBC Bank
Christopher Knight, Founder - Every Childs Future - Senior Manager - Data Acceleration & Finops BT
Craig Poku, Non-Executive Board Member - NERC: Natural Environment Research Council

The discussion delves into the intersection of AI, cultural diversity, and inclusion. It underscores the potential of AI in addressing global challenges and the significance of cultural diversity in human identity. It also explores the hurdles women face in tech, such as underrepresentation and work-life balance. The conversation advocates for using AI to dismantle systemic barriers and promote inclusion. 

My Journey to Chief Data Officer

Tony Zona, Chief Data Officer - Grant Thornton UK LLP

The speaker shares their unique journey to becoming a Chief Data Officer, starting from their background as a translator and business experience in tax, projects, and technology. They discuss the evolution of their role from a business insights team to a data office, focusing on delivering values. They also emphasise the importance of simplifying communications using analogies and finding enjoyment in work.

AI: Transforming the Consumer Goods industry

Kshitij Kumar, Chief Data Officer - Haleon

Do you want to learn how AI is revolutionising our industries? Kshitjj Kumar brings a practitioner’s lens to exploring how AI and GenAI are reshaping the consumer goods industry. Covering market trends, challenges and opportunities, this talk will leverage case studies to provide strategies for implementation. The presentation aims to inspire executives to embrace AI for growth, efficiency and innovation in the industry.

The Big Automation Debate: How will Robots affect the Jobs Market?

Andrew McClelland, Consultant & Co-Founder - MC Strategy
Dr.Nisreen Ameen, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Marketing - ROYAL HOLLOWAY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Rula Awad, UK Ambassador - A.I Poli
Shubham Agnihotri, Senior Manager - Generative AI - IDFC First Bank

The session delves into the role of technology, particularly AI, in businesses and its influence on decision-making. It explores AI's implications on job replacement, skills, and the digital divide. The discussion also covers the importance of upskilling, corporate training, and AI's role in enhancing creativity. The panel addresses challenges in AI, including privacy, bias, and ethical considerations, and discusses the future of AI, data privacy concerns, and the economic impact of automation.


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