Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Day 2 Highlights

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Cybersecurity Synergy: Nurturing High-Performing Teams through Psychological Safety and Diversity

Stuart Seymour, Group CISO - Virgin Media o2

Insights from CISOs on managing teams and technology are shared, with Stuart Seymour highlighting the importance of neurodiversity in incident response. The emphasis is on leadership, collaboration, and diversity for high-performing teams.

Strategic Cyber Transformation: Empowering Business Resilience and Cyber Awareness

Cheila Dos Santos, Head of Cyber Programme Delivery - Nature & Co

Cheila Dos Santos shares her personal journey and the role of human innovation in cybersecurity. She emphasises strategic cyber transformation, business resilience, and the importance of continuous cyber awareness. The talk concludes with the process of integrating cybersecurity awareness into daily business operations.

Uncover Essential Insights for Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Amanda Finch, CEO - Chartered Institute of Information Security
Seamus Lennon, Head of Solution's Engineering EMEA - Threatlocker
Steven Furnell, Professor of Cyber Security - University of Nottingham
Sudarshan Ratnavelu, Head of Cyber Security - Lloyds Banking Group

Discover the key elements of effective cybersecurity awareness training in this panel discussion. Our expert panelists will delve into innovative training approaches, share success stories, and offer practical advice to equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital landscape securely.

Attacking and Defending Active Directory in DynamicLabs

Rohan Durve, Senior Consultant, Google Cloud/Mandiant - Google

This talk demonstrates Tools, Techniques and Procedures used to identify, replicate and exploit Active Directory and related weaknesses from the perspective of recent Google Cloud/Mandiant Red Teams. The talk also highlights recommendations on identifying and remediation.

Securing the Hybrid Frontier: Is SASE the answer?

Harrison Nnaji, GCISO - First Bank of Nigeria Ltd

In this session, our panel speakers will provide an overview of SASE, how it works and is deployed, an overview of the main players in the SASE market, the benefits and disadvantages of SASE, and what types of organisations SASE is and isn’t suited for.

Why you NEED a Cyber Hygiene Checklist

Harry Pottinger, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Posture Management - Bank of England
Tim Grieveson, Senior Vice President - Global Cyber Risk
Andrew Rose, CSO - SoSafe

Harry, Tim, and Andrew delve into cybersecurity, stressing the significance of cyber hygiene and checklists for bolstering security. They underscore the necessity of gauging success and conveying risks using business language and metrics. They also discuss incentivising employees to prioritise cyber hygiene by simplifying tasks and making them understand the repercussions. The discussion concludes with a game that promotes a secure culture, with the tagline 'think secure'.

Measuring Cyber Risk in the Hybrid Cloud with AI

Kevin O'Keefe, Senior Security Solutions Architect - Qualys

As enterprises adopt the cloud, new and broader attack surfaces pose a significant risk to organisations. Most measures of risk focus on vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and ignore active threats. However, active threats are a critical part of measuring and prioritising risk in the cloud.

Mastering Cloud Security: A Hands-On Guide to Accurately Assessing Your Digital Fortress

Zechariah Akinpelu, CISO - Unity Bank

This session delves into mastering cloud security, covering roles, responsibilities, and underlying technologies. It explores threat modeling, common vulnerabilities, and risk assessment. The importance of automating assessments, dealing with malicious ones, and implementing security measures such as encryption is stressed. The discussion also includes managing changes, penetration testing, readiness for forensic analysis, data protection, jurisdictional regulations, access control, and policy considerations.

The AI Age - Building AI Trust, Risk and Security Management

Neil Thacker, Chief Information Security Officer, EMEA - Netskope

The AI trend will continue throughout 2024-2025 as more organisations build their AI capabilities for the now and the future. This session will focus on real-world practical methods to safely enable and secure AI systems, ensuring data is safe and users and business resources are protected.

The ChatGPT Threat: Protecting Your Email from AI-Generated Attacks

Mick Leach, CISO - Abnormal Security

The session delves into the rising threat of ChatGPT and the evolution of email attacks, from simple scams to sophisticated AI-generated threats. It underscores the need for AI security and the limitations of traditional defenses. The introduction of Abnormal Security offers a solution for effective email threat detection. The discussion also covers the impact of AI on jobs, the importance of cybersecurity, and the need to understand new threats.


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