Cloud Expo Europe Day 2 Highlights

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The 5 Cornerstones Of A Successful Technology Strategy

Steve Coppin, Global Head of Technology, Oxford Policy Management Ltd - Member, University of Oxford

This session will allow attendees to gain insights into imperatives, goals, tactics, and strategies, along with a maturity stack model for holistic tech management. The session will explore a simplified approach to strategy, while covering rapid analysis of business and tech focuses and introducing operating model theory and its impact on tech strategy.

Multicloud is the New Norm

Pankaj Sharma, Principle Cloud Architect - Oracle

Oracle's multi-cloud and distributed cloud offerings are discussed, emphasising the ability to run workloads across multiple clouds and connect with hyperscaler infrastructure providers. Their solutions cater to the needs of large enterprises for security, operational excellence, and innovative technologies.

Navigating Uncertain Times with Deeper Modernisation

Bill Unsworth, Cloud Director - IBM

The topic of deeper modernisation in business is introduced, highlighting the challenges businesses face such as legacy technologies, regulations, skill gaps, and competition. Three strategies are presented: containerisation, modernisation around the mainframe, and industry clouds.

Data & AI, Balancing Innovation & Responsibility

Dean Gardner, Technology Director - Softcat
Arran Speding, AI Specialist - Softcat
Wendy Carstairs, Senior Partner Technology Manager - Microsoft

The discussion focuses on the relationship between AI advancement and accountability. Softcat and Microsoft representatives talk about their involvement with AI providers and Microsoft's investment in OpenAI and a cloud platform for language models. They also address the obstacles of implementing AI, such as bias, fairness, and security concerns.

A Scalable Framework for Cutting Observability Costs

Chris Cooney, Head of Developer Advocacy - Coralogix

The talk centres around the cost of observability and the challenges brought by increasing data volume and complexity. Chris emphasises optimising data usage and introduces a framework for this process, focusing on use case-driven pipelines and efficient storage solutions.

Revolutionising Digital Landscapes: Navigating Technical Challenges and delivering Value

Maria Cotone, Head of Agile Delivery Management - HM Courts & Tribunal Services
Antonio Mascolo, Senior Digital Engineer - Babcook International Group

In this session, both Maria and Antonio delve into the multifaceted challenges associated with implementing digital systems in different landscapes, such as government and nuclear industry. They will explore topics such as the adoption of new applications, the technical intricacies and the significance of user value.

Embrace the Future, Thrive as a Cloud-led Business

Maria Cotone, Head of Agile Delivery Management - HM Courts & Tribunal Services
Suzanne King, COO - CloserStill Media
Ross Gaskell, Manager, Commerical Data Technology - BBC Studios
Ian Patnaude, Head of Digital Development - Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
David Terrar, CEO - Cloud Industry Forum
Bret Rohloff, Head of Cloud UK & Ireland - AMD
Matthew Tebay, Sales Director for Northern Europe - OVH Cloud

Imagine a business landscape where you are always ahead, powered by cloud technology. This panel unravels the secrets of becoming a cloud-led business, shedding light on effective adoption strategies, cost optimisation, robust security, and real-world success stories.

Scaling for Growth with an Enterprise Architecture for GenAI

Kevin Cochrane, Chief Marketing Officer - Vultr

This session discusses scaling for growth with an enterprise architecture for Gen AI. He emphasises the importance of learning from past enterprise architecture epochs and the evolution of cloud compute and AI. They delve into Vultr's approach to cloud compute, focusing on avoiding lock-in and ensuring portability. Vulture aims to harness open source innovation for AI and offers a new cloud application architecture.

Intel & Lenovo - The Rise of AI from Cloud to Edge

Tikiri Wanduragala, Senior Consultant Infrastructure Systems - Lenovo EMEA

This session discusses the rising significance of AI from edge to cloud, highlighting Lenovo's server business and partnership with Intel.  The talk also highlights a focus on joint efforts between Lenovo and Intel in creating AI machines and an ecosystem for future products.

A Beginner's Guide on Building Generative AI Applications in the Cloud

Lucy Wang, Youtuber - Tech with Lucy

Lucy Wang delves into the world of generative AI and its relationship with cloud computing. She traces the evolution of generative AI, its influence across various sectors, and the unique synergy between the cloud and generative AI. Lucy offers a comprehensive guide to constructing generative AI applications in the cloud, underlining the advantages and factors to consider.

How to Create a Cloud-First Strategy with the Cloud Adoption Framework

Amjad Nagori, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer - Trivium Packaging

The session explores the cloud first strategy, emphasising its importance in business due to benefits like scalability, flexibility, innovation, cost-effectiveness, agility, and observability. It also acknowledges challenges such as resistance to change, legacy system integration, data governance, skills gap, and cost management.


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