Data Centre World Day 2 Highlights

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Current Trends in Data Center Transactions

Sarah Gray, Chief Commercial Officer - Quantum Switch

Sarah Gray delves into the current trends in data center transactions, highlighting the industry's growth and data generation. She underscores the crucial role of AI and machine learning. The talk also covers power needs, economic factors, and regional perspectives from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Navigating Diversity: Harnessing People and Skills in Data Centre Environments

Nikki Blake, Head of Sales and Marketing for Africa - Bergvik Group
Tatiana Smith, Associate Director, Programme & Project Management - Deerns
Steve Davidson, Technical Director - Parmarbrook
Samantha Betts, Inside Sales Manager - EkkoSense

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data centres, the focus on technology often overshadows the crucial role played by people and skills diversity. This session delves into the vital intersection of human capital, skills development, and diversity within data centre environments. They explore how fostering an inclusive culture not only enhances employee well-being but also drives innovation and efficiency.

Future-proofing Data Centres: Navigating Change and Optimising Decarbonisation Strategies

Nathan Ghundoo, Digital Services Business Director - Schneider Electric
Paul Almond - Data Centres UK
Matthieu Lecapitaine, Partner Account Manager - AVEVA
Andy McKenzie, Commerical Leader - Consultancy UK&I - Schneider Electric

The session delves into future-proofing data centres and optimising decarbonisation strategies. It covers designing new data centres with right-sizing, cooling, and energy efficiency in mind. The adaptation of existing data centres for decarbonisation and optimisation is explored. Power procurement strategies and future grid considerations are discussed. The session emphasises data centre optimisation, sustainability strategies, and the importance of data strategy, AI integration, and digital platforms.

The Future of AI in Telecommunications

Yue Wang, Head of Advanced Network Research - SRUK; Chair of AI EWG, UKTIN

Yue Wang discusses the importance of AI in telecommunications and its transformative role in the industry. She covers the concept of AI native, its effect on network infrastructure, and the role of semiconductors in computation. She also touches on data challenges such as fragmentation and privacy, emphasizing the need for a unified data access framework. The talk concludes with a call for a future network platform for collaborative development of AI capabilities.

Practical Sustainability Programme: What Good Looks Like?

Ali Moinuddin, Managing Director, Europe, Chief Corporate Development Officer - Uptime Institute
Max Smolaks, Research Analyst - Uptime Institute

This panel discussion delves into practical sustainability programs, emphasising the importance of an end-to-end approach in sustainability strategies. Experts from the data centre industry share their experiences and highlight Uptime Institute's contributions to sustainability. They discuss the growing regulatory impact on data centres and the complexities of achieving sustainability goals, stressing the need for collaboration between IT and facilities departments.

GE Data Centre Case Study: Power, Innovative Microgrids, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction

Hassina Saad, Global Industry Segment Leader - GE Vernova
Ihab Chaaban, Global Commerical Development Director - GE Vernova
Anser Shakoor, Executive Leader, Consulting Services Europe - GE Vernova Consulting Services
Oliver Jamart, Executive Director, Business Development Microgrid & Hydrogen - GE Vernova

The session delves into power, microgrids, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction, highlighting the challenges in power and energy such as scarcity, sustainability, and innovation. It explores the journey of a data centre operator, the techno-economic analysis for site selection, and alternative power solutions. The concept of microgrids for data centres is introduced, and topics like hydrogen fuel cells and energy storage are addressed.

Data: The Steam Equivalent in the Current Innovation Age

Garry Connolly, Founder - Host In Ireland

Garry Connolly discusses the crucial role of data centers in advancing industries and shaping the world. He explores topics like innovation ages, AI's role, the link between data centers and the cloud, and the need to articulate data centers' value. He underscores the data centers' role in the mega trends of digitalisation and decarbonisation, and the importance of focusing on PUE.

Empowering AI and Other High-Density Applications: Deploying Power Infrastructure at Scale with Ease and Speed

Michele Venturini, Offering Manager Global Large Power - Vertiv Infrastructure Ltd.

The impact of High-Density Applications, like AI and HPC, on data centre densities, power demands, and speed of deployment has become the dominant storyline in the industry. As a result, the critical power infrastructure is evolving to meet raising needs for business continuity and efficiency. In this keynote session, we will delve into the ways in which innovative power equipment designs can support the data centre industry in this evolving landscape.

ALET UTCs & Partners: We're Doing It! Tackling the Talent Shortage for Good

Andrew Stevens, CEO - CNet Training
Joanne Harper, CEO - ALET (Activate Learning Education Trust)
Mike Hook, Executive Director - LMG
Allan Bosley, Head of Culture and Information Management - Ark Data Centres
Matthew Farrant, Global Chief Operating Officer - CBRE

The final panel of Data Centre World 2024 focuses on addressing the talent shortage in the industry through a collaborative approach involving academia, education, and employers. The panelists share their experiences and the benefits of such partnerships. The discussion also covers promoting the program in schools, scaling up, and overcoming potential challenges. The need for industry language translation and the provision of training and support to companies are also highlighted.


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