Day 2 Mainstage Highlights

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The view from NASA: searching for life elsewhere and discovering the secrets of the universe - measuring climate change, exploring icy moons and atomic clocks

Dr Carolyn Mercer, Chief Technologist - NASA

Day 2 of Tech Show London begins with Zoe Kleinman introducing Dr. Carolyn Mercer from NASA Science. Dr. Mercer outlines NASA's goals, focusing on climate change measurements and advanced technologies. She delves into the search for life on Mars and Enceladus, discovering exoplanets, and understanding dark matter.

AI for Good: Harnessing Ethical AI to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation

Bernardo Mariano, Jr., Chief Information Technology Officer - United Nations

Bernardo Mariano Jr., UN's Chief Information Technology Officer, explores ethical AI and disinformation, emphasising collaboration and governance to address these challenges. He highlights UN initiatives like the global digital compact and the Quintet of Change, also touching upon AI's environmental impact and the digital divide.

Future Proofing Us

Professor Hannah Critchlow, Neuroscience Author, Broadcaster and Science Presenter - University of Cambridge

Professor Hannah Critchlow explores the human brain's potential, linking DNA codes to brain structure and function. She discusses brain synchronicity in group dynamics, emphasising diverse groups' importance and the need for tolerance for ambiguity in tech adaptation. The talk concludes with clinical applications of technologies like Neuralink for treating neurological disorders.

Panel: More than just recycling: leveraging the power of digital technology for a circular economy

Prof Fiona Charnley, Professor of Circular Innovation and Co-Director - Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy
Cynthia Reynolds, Convener of the Circular Economy Coalition - Circular Economy Coalition
Ken Webster, Visiting Professor, Cranfield, Fellow, Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership
Pablo van den Bosch, Director - Madaster Shared Services B.V.

The panel explores Amsterdam's commitment to a circular economy by 2050, emphasising waste reduction, renewable energy, and business opportunities. It highlights managing digital footprints, political support, and business readiness for this transformative shift.

Fireside chat: Next Level Strategies for the Workplace - Leveraging Diversity and Neurodiversity

Flavilla Fongang, Founder, Global Tech Advocates, Black Women in Tech and Black Rise
Ellie Middleton, Author, Founder, Unmasked

This video highlights leveraging diversity and neurodiversity in workplaces, emphasising personal stories to underscore the need for inclusion. It discusses creating inclusive environments, accommodating neurodivergent employees, and advocating for change through practical steps, partnerships, and storytelling. Empowering employees to voice their needs is emphasised for fostering a truly inclusive workplace culture.

Deciding how data is used to develop AI in health and care - What is meaningful patient and public involvement in how decisions about data for AI are made?

Brhmie Balaram, Head of AI Research & Ethics in the NHS AI Lab
Reema Patel, Research Director and Head of Deliberative Engagement - Ipsos

Brime Ballam and Rema Patel from the NHS AI Lab discuss AI's role in healthcare, emphasising data ethics, patient involvement, and health equity. They highlight the lab's contributions to pandemic response through vaccine hospitals and digital contact tracing apps, with future plans including AI implementation in clinical pathways and collaboration with external innovators.


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