DevOps Live Day 2 Highlights

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Go Faster, Break Less! Purpose & Control in Enterprise Transformation

David Keane, Head of DevOps - Calitii

David Keane, co-founder of Calitii and head of DevOps, shares his journey of Agile and DevOps transformation at HSBC. He navigates through the challenges of establishing purpose, IT controls, and dealing with HSBC's complex structure. The transformation, which began as a small team experiment, lead to a successful transformation first across the investment bank and ultimately across the entire enterprise.

Driving Down the Cost of Observability

Chris Cooney, Head of Developer Advocacy - Coralogix

The talk delves into the challenges of observability, data usage, and cost optimisation. It explores architectural considerations for efficient storage and querying, vendor selection, and pricing. Coralogix is highlighted as a cost-effective solution for observability, offering tools for cost optimisation and a flexible pricing model.

Lessons From the Forefront: Proven FinOps Insights to Extract Savings, improve Teaming and Unlock Business Value

David Hewitt, Executive Director, IBM UK & Ireland - IBM
Diana Silby Sebastian, EMEA Partner Development - IBM Alliance at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Daniel Sinclair, Technology Strategy and Advisory - Accenture

This session explores FinOps, a mix of operating framework and cultural change focused on enhancing technology and cloud spending. The technical team should handle cloud costs. Career tips include gaining a basic understanding, seeking certifications, and developing both technical and business skills. The session emphasizes the importance of full stack FinOps and cost optimisation with hyperscalers.

A Shift from Reactive to Proactive AppSec

Luke Brogan, Sales Engineering Director -

This session introduces the concept of shifting left in application security, emphasising the importance of education and workflow improvements. They delved into the evolving pivotal role that Shift-Left trending in elevating software quality and expediting delivery times.

Legacy Codebases are a DevOps Issue

Ben Dechrai, Developer Advocate - SONAR

This talk will delve into strategies and practical techniques that enable developers to effectively manage legacy codebases. We'll explore key approaches beyond mere maintenance, such as refactoring, rearchitecting, and rewriting. By embracing these strategies, you can improve the codebase significantly while simultaneously elevating your own skills and confidence.

Cultivating Organisational Success: Unleashing the Human Element

Brittany Woods, Senior Engineering Manager - DevOps and Site Reliability Enthusiast
Hauwa Hakimi, Cloud Engineer - Government Digital Service

In this session, they discuss the human side of achieving success in organisations, specifically in DevOps teams. They emphasise the importance of a cultural change, empowerment, and upskilling for effective DevOps adoption. The challenges of integrating collaboration and communication are addressed, as well as the role of diversity in promoting problem-solving and innovation. The significance of critical thinking, learning abilities, and fostering a strong and secure culture is also emphasised.

Decoding Intersectionality in DevOps: The Future of Belonging

Lauren Langdell, Founder and Community Director - Women in DevOps
Lucy Neal, Founder and Host - Women in DevOps
Prakriti Karthauser, Senior Platform Engineering Manager - Vodafone
Oge Opara-Nadi, Head of Developer Experience and Operational Intelligence - 10X BANKING
Cheryl Razzell, Head of Compute Solution Architecture - AWS

This session delves into the concept of intersectionality and it's impact on DevOps. Also, the challenges in tech industry such as the leaky pipeline and retention, and strategies to improve diversity are discussed. The importance of psychological safety, empathy, and open conversations in fostering diverse, high-performing teams is emphasised.

Beyond the hype: A practical guide to internal developer portals

Kenneth Rose, CTO & Co-Founder - Opslevel

Debating whether to build or buy a new tool this year? Kenneth Rose shares factors to consider when making a build or buy decision. It’s often tempting to roll your own internal tooling, but what’s often a missing factor is not just the resources needed to build, but what it takes to drive adoption and the burden of maintenance over the course of time.

Introduction to Gen AI and the threat to DevOps and Platform Engineering

Ivan Pedrazas, Kubernetes Architect, Docker - DevOps Exchange

Explore the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) on DevOps and Platform Engineering in this insightful talk. Discover how GenAI automates tasks, generates code, and transforms decision-making within the SDLC, promising enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Let's Discuss The Art of Edge Authentication

Dora Militaru, Software Engineer, Fastly - DevOps Exchange

This session proposes an authentication architecture for the modern, open web, using modern, passwordless standards and edge computing; one that's fast, distributed, secure, isolated from the rest of your system, and minimally annoying to integrate and maintain.

How to build the Cloud Infrastructure in the Kubernetes style using Crossplane

Srivalsan Mannoor Sudhagar, Cloud Architect, Amazon - DevOps Exchange

This session delves into the growing trend of organisations adopting a multi-cloud strategy for increased agility, vendor independence, optimised workloads, infrastructure control, and compliance adherence. With the rise of this approach, a new wave of abstraction layer tools is emerging.


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